Here’s what we’re doing to help keep you and our team safe:

Ability to pay and schedule appointments online via our website – We will guide you through the process. We are also setting up a patient portal system for your convenience and will let you know once that’s in place.

New protective gear for staff- We will completely change into and out of our clinical clothing daily. We will wash our jackets, pants and head covering daily or several times per day. Our shoes will be disinfected. Disposable gear is difficult to get so most health care offices wear the same paper gowns, and coverings, over many days. By washing our clothing, we are lessening the load we contribute to the trash stream. We also have proper masks and face shields.

Staff training and daily health checks - Our team will continue to monitor their health daily.


Temperature capture when patients arrive – We will measure your temperature. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 F will be sent home.


Prescreening of every patient- Approximately 48 hours before your appointment, we will ask you a few questions to assess the risk of bringing you in for treatment.


Please wear face masks into the office. Do not wear gloves. Once you are in the operatory, we will ask you to rinse your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Remove and wash your hands.


Physical distancing- We have moved furniture so that patients will never be closer than 6 ft apart. We might even ask you to sit in a chair in the hall to wait. We will have a front door open while the office is open. We will attempt to bring you directly back into an operatory as soon as you arrive and have checked in with the front desk staff. We love you but no hugs or handshakes!

Advanced chairside suction - In addition to those powerful air cleaners, we will have extra-oral suction units in each operatory. These are suction units that will suck up the aerosol cloud directly above a patient’s face.

Hospital grade air cleaning and disinfecting- Two years ago we installed an AirPHX unit in the office which uses ionized hydrogen peroxide to kill pathogens in the air and on all surfaces. (For more information, go to ( Since Covid-19, we have installed two very large hospital-grade air cleaners that run 24/7. (More information at