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By McLean Dental Care
March 15, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are missing a tooth you may be curious about what options you have when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental implants are in many ways the best solution to tooth loss. They are meant to be a final and complete restoration of a missing tooth. This treatment will last much longer and will be stronger than other options. Learn more about dental implants in McLean, VA, from Dr. Cecilia Gyllenhoff and Dr. Samuel Cappiello of McLean Dental Care.

Better Support

The key difference between dental implants and other methods of restoration, such as bridges and dentures, has to do with the way in which they are supported. Dental bridges depend on adjacent teeth to serve as support for the tooth they are replacing. To accomplish this, these healthy teeth need to be reshaped so that a crown can be attached to them, then they will hold your new tooth in place.

Dentures depend on suction as their main method of support. These require a proper fit to perform at their best. So many of the common complaints people have regarding dentures are due to this factor. A dental implant is supported in a very similar way to your natural teeth. They use a titanium post that is permanently implanted onto the bone of your jaw, and it's onto this that your new tooth will be attached.

Dental Implants in McLean, VA

One downside to dental implants is that they do require a longer initial investment of time, as the implanted post can take months to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they don't need any special treatment when it comes to hygiene or diet, although good dental habits remain key to maintaining your smile.

If you're ready to restore a single missing tooth or a complete smile, find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Call (703) 734-0100 to schedule a consultation in McLean, VA, from Dr. Gyllenhoff and Dr. Cappiello of McLean Dental Care.


By McLean Dental Care
November 30, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Is tooth loss threatening your smile? Whether you have upcoming extractions or already have smile gaps, McClean Dental Care can help you with dental implants. Placed by Dr. Cecilia Gyllenhoff or Dr. Samuel Cappiello, dental implants have preserved the smiles of many patients in the McLean, VA, area. They may be your best tooth-replacement option, too.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium metal screw which, when inserted into the jaw, serves as an artificial tooth root. Single-tooth implants receive posts and crowns after they have integrated with their supporting bone. This natural process is called osseointegration, and it makes these artificial roots exceptionally strong and stable.

People who have lost multiple teeth

If qualified, these patients can receive multiple implants from Dr. Gyllenhoff or Dr. Cappiello right in their McLean, VA, office. Implant-supported dentures may be fitted on either the top or bottom arch. They provide excellent biting and chewing power, superior stability, realistic personal appearance, and excellent support for remaining natural teeth.

The simple treatment and its bone-building power

To qualify for any number of dental implants, you'll undergo a complete oral exam, including a special X-ray that focuses on your bone structure. You must have a strong jaw bone to receive dental implants. Additionally, your oral and systemic health should be good.

Then, your implant procedure happens at McLean Dental Care. You'll receive local anesthesia, and after incising the gums, your dentist inserts the implant screw. A few sutures close the site, and you return home to heal. Osseointegration takes several weeks, but once complete, you're assured of a good foundation for the alloy post and porcelain crown.

Caring for dental implants

Here are some tips on routine care:

  1. Brush twice a day. A soft nylon toothbrush is best.
  2. Floss daily according to your hygienist's instructions.
  3. See your dentist twice a year for a check-up and cleaning.
  4. Stop smoking to avoid infection at the implant site and possible failure. The American Academy of Periodontology calls this condition of the hard and soft tissues peri-implantitis.
  5. Do not clench or grind your teeth. Ask your dentist about a nocturnal bite guard.

Come see us for a consultation

At McLean Dental Care, we know that tooth loss sometimes happens. That's why Dr. Cecilia Gyllenhoff and Dr. Samuel Cappiello offer state of the art dental implants. To learn more about them, phone our McLean, VA, office at (703) 734-0100.

By McLean Dental Care
June 18, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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You may have heard of getting dentures as the ideal way to replace missing teeth, but many dentists now recommend dental implants or dental implantimplant-supported dentures. This is a viable solution for patients who have healthy bone tissue and generally good dental health. Learn about the benefits of dental implants, a tooth replacement and restoration solution offered by Dr. Cecilia Gyllenhoff and Dr. Samuel Cappiello at McLean Dental Care in McLean, VA.

Digestive Benefits
When you are missing one or more teeth, chewing your food thoroughly can be a daily challenge. Getting a dental implant to complete your smile can give you back your ability to chew food.

An Implant Is Long Lasting
A dental implant solidifies in your bone tissue through a process called osseointegration. The implant is made of a biocompatible material, usually titanium metal, which bonds with your jawbone. Once the integration process is complete (it usually takes several months), the implant may last for decades. It’s very possible for dental implants placed by your McLean, VA, dentist to remain a part of your smile for a lifetime.

Communication and Socializing Becomes Easier
When you have a missing tooth, especially at the front of your mouth, it can be embarrassing to smile and difficult to feel comfortable around others. You may find yourself focusing more on hiding your dental imperfection than on enjoying your company. You may feel insecure about even taking photos with your friends. Getting a dental implant will help to restore your confidence when communicating with others in social and professional circles.

Decide if This is the Tooth Replacement Solution for You
Consider the key benefits of dental implants with your dentist as you’re deciding if they are right for your smile. Call (703) 734-0100 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Gyllenhoff or Dr. Cappiello at McLean Dental Care in McLean, VA!

By McLean Dental Care
September 05, 2017
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Find out if implants are what you need to replace your missing teeth?


Are you looking for a way to fill gaps in your smile and replace your teeth but want a restoration that will truly last? Sure, you could turn to dental implantsdentures or bridges to replace one or multiple teeth, but if you want a tooth replacement that is as close to real teeth as you can get then it’s time you turned to our McLean, VA, dentists Dr. Cecilia Gyllenhoff and Dr. Samuel Cappiello to find out if implants are right for you.

Dental implants are the closest restoration you will find to natural teeth. While ideally, the best option is to maintain a healthy smile so that you don’t have to have a tooth extracted, sometimes accidents or problems happen and an extraction cannot be avoided.

If this is the case, you’ll want a restoration that functions as close to real teeth as possible. This tooth loss solution comes in the form of a small metal post, which is surgically placed into the jawbone by one of our McLean, VA, restorative dentists.

Over time, the jawbone grows around the implant, making it a permanent structure from which to support a dental crown or other tooth replacement. Whether you are missing just one or all of your teeth, dental implants could just be the answer.

Find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do you have a healthy smile?
  • Do you maintain good oral hygiene?
  • Is your smile free of decay or gum disease?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Are you an adult?

If you said “yes” to these questions then you could be the perfect candidate for implants.

Do you have questions about getting dental implants in McLean, VA? Are you ready to find out how restorative dentistry can improve the health of your smile? Then call McLean Dental Care today to schedule your implant consultation.

By McLean Dental Care
March 22, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants from our McLean dentists can renew your implants

Your smile is one of your best assets, so don’t give up on it! If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, or you’ve been told you need to have teeth removed, you can restore your smile to greatness with dental implants! Your dentists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia, want to help you restore and renew your smile!

Dental implants are the most modern, innovative method of tooth replacement available today. Dental implants can restore full chewing function, helping your digestion and overall health. But function isn’t everything; they also create a full, beautiful, natural-looking smile. You will be confident when you smile at the world.

Dental implants are created of titanium, a strong material that doesn’t irritate soft or hard tissue. So, with dental implants, get ready to experience these benefits:

  • Unsurpassed beauty, because they create a seamless, natural smile just like your existing teeth, only better
  • Unbelievable stability, because they are held in place by bone and won’t move when you eat or speak
  • Incredible convenience, because you clean them just like your natural teeth and don’t have to worry about taking them out
  • Worry-free satisfaction, because they don’t ever decay and they repel stains

Dental implants will also help you look younger! That’s right, with dental implants, you will keep your firm jawline and your youthful facial contours. Dental implants actually help you create more bone, which fuses with the implant and locks it securely in place. In contrast, dental appliances like removable partials and dentures can put pressure on bone, causes the bone to disappear over time.

You don’t have to give up on your smile. You can renew your smile with dental implants. Your smile is what you show to the world, so make your smile unforgettable! It’s time to call your dentists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia. Get ready for your new smile by calling today!