Dental crowns strengthen damaged teeth
By McLean Dental Care
January 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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I Don’t Want My Tooth to Break; What Can I Do? Why you should choose a dental crown to repair your damaged tooth.

You have a broken tooth, and now you are afraid to eat anything, fearing it might break further to the point where you might lose the tooth. You are right to be fearful, because the tooth is weakened, and sometimes teeth do break further, making repairing them Dental Crowns impossible. You should start thinking about a dental crown, the treatment of choice for broken and damaged teeth. Crown preparation is an art, and you should see someone who is an expert like the dentists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia.

Occasionally, a tooth will be too badly damaged to retain a crown, but usually a badly damaged tooth can be treated with posts which are inserted into the tooth, and then an amalgam (silver) framework is put around the posts. This foundation helps provide support for the crown.

There are different crown materials to choose from and each of the different materials has its own benefits. You and your dentist at McLean Dental Care can decide which material is best for your needs and your budget.

Your dentist can offer you:

A full gold crown, typically less expensive than other options, it is also strong, but very visible. Full gold crowns are usually placed on back teeth, where you need good chewing strength, but you aren’t as worried about the unnatural look of the gold

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, typically more expensive than gold, but it is beautiful and strong. These qualities make it suitable for any location in your mouth

A full porcelain crown, the most expensive but also cosmetically beautiful, with a translucent look of natural teeth; it is virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth. Full porcelain crowns are usually placed on front teeth.

Crowns are the perfect choice to repair damaged teeth, and in the case of porcelain crowns, your highly skilled dentist at McLean Dental Care will color-match the porcelain perfectly, so it will look completely natural and beautiful. If you have a tooth that is damaged, don’t wait until it breaks further. Call the crown specialists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia and save your tooth!