How to Take Care of My Dentures?
By McLean Dental Care
September 11, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Visiting McLean Dental Care for dentures is a fantastic way to get the beautiful, picture-perfect smile you've always wanted, but unfortunately, one or two office visits simply isn't enough. You also have to take care of your dentures if you want them to last. Routine Denturesdenture maintenance isn't difficult, but it does require a little time and effort. Here are five denture maintenance steps to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine today.

1. Clean Your Dentures Daily

Just because your dentures cannot get cavities doesn't mean you don't have to take care of them. You still need to clean your dentures every day to prevent plaque build-up, to avoid bad breath, and to support your overall oral health.

To clean your dentures, use a soft-bristled denture brush, special denture cleaner and water to brush your teeth every day. Avoid toothpaste and other cleaning products, which can harm the surface of your dentures. Mild hand soaps and dish soaps are usually okay, but check with your dentist first to be sure.

2. Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Dentures must be kept moist at all times to keep them from drying out and warping. When you take your dentures out at night, don't just put them on the table; allow them to soak. Common soaking solutions include water, special denture cleanser, and a half-vinegar, half-water mix. Ask your dentist which type of solution is best for your particular type of dentures.

3. Handle Your Dentures with Care

While dentures can withstand a fair amount of force from chewing, they are still somewhat fragile and can easily break if dropped. Avoid this by placing a towel under your working surface to protect your dentures from breaking if they fall and by never leaving your dentures where they might fall or be knocked over.

4. Watch for Changes in Fit

A single pair of dentures is only meant to last five to eight years, not forever. Eventually, your dentures will begin to change their shape or size, causing them to fit differently. When this happens, it may be time to replace them with a new pair of dentures. Talk to your dentist at McLean Dental Care about your options.

5. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentures may be the most prominent part of your smile, but they aren't the only one. Keep your entire mouth clean, healthy, beautiful and functional by keeping regular visits with your dentist at McLean Dental Care. Not only will this help you prevent serious dental complications such as gum disease and oral cancer, but it will also help you keep your dentures looking great for years to come.