Don't Give Up On Your Smile
By McLean Dental Care
March 22, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental implants from our McLean dentists can renew your implants

Your smile is one of your best assets, so don’t give up on it! If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, or you’ve been told you need to have teeth removed, you can restore your smile to greatness with dental implants! Your dentists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia, want to help you restore and renew your smile!

Dental implants are the most modern, innovative method of tooth replacement available today. Dental implants can restore full chewing function, helping your digestion and overall health. But function isn’t everything; they also create a full, beautiful, natural-looking smile. You will be confident when you smile at the world.

Dental implants are created of titanium, a strong material that doesn’t irritate soft or hard tissue. So, with dental implants, get ready to experience these benefits:

  • Unsurpassed beauty, because they create a seamless, natural smile just like your existing teeth, only better
  • Unbelievable stability, because they are held in place by bone and won’t move when you eat or speak
  • Incredible convenience, because you clean them just like your natural teeth and don’t have to worry about taking them out
  • Worry-free satisfaction, because they don’t ever decay and they repel stains

Dental implants will also help you look younger! That’s right, with dental implants, you will keep your firm jawline and your youthful facial contours. Dental implants actually help you create more bone, which fuses with the implant and locks it securely in place. In contrast, dental appliances like removable partials and dentures can put pressure on bone, causes the bone to disappear over time.

You don’t have to give up on your smile. You can renew your smile with dental implants. Your smile is what you show to the world, so make your smile unforgettable! It’s time to call your dentists at McLean Dental Care in McLean, Virginia. Get ready for your new smile by calling today!